• 31 Total villages graduated to self-sustainability with partner ALDEA
    • 4 in the graduation process
    • 6 new villages added: Chiquez, Choantonio, Xesajbin, Cojulya, Pachaj and Xcecubal
    • 300 Babies nourished for surgery with partner T.E.S.S. Unlimited
    • 23 Preschools with party Let’s Be Ready



Dear Loyal Feed the Dream Supporters,

Hopes and dreams are at the heart of a fulfilling life. From its very beginning, Feed the Dream was founded on the dream of helping build a better life for the indigenous in Guatemala—both present and future generations. Through education and training, our nutrition programs have expanded options, ensuring that the indigenous have success in developing their own dreams. It has been an incredible and heartwarming journey and an honor to be so deeply involved in the transformation of individual lives and entire villages.

Our success is largely due to following the wise philosophy of Wade Davis, an anthropologist:
“If you encounter another people on their terms, open to the reality that their knowledge is as deep as your own, their insights as precise, their hopes and prayers as profound, then magic happens.”

With your generosity and belief in FTD, along with trust in its mission, you have become LIFE-CHANGERS. You have made possibilities become realities. We wish you could experience the gratitude of the indigenous for what we all have accomplished by working together. Our appreciation for you is endless. After 15 years of fulfilling dreams, this fall we will be making the final disbursements to our Guatemalan charities and closing FTD because we have surpassed our mission. We whole-heartedly welcome your support of the indigenous. You will find no finer charities than these two, ALDEA and Tess Unlimited.

Thank you, Gracias and Matiox for being such Life-Changers and allowing us to have the enormous impact that we did. Our highest hopes for FTD have come to life while the profound hopes of the indigenous are coming true!

Sandy Haggart, Founder


Our mission is to work in partnership with the indigenous in rural Guatemala to establish and oversee nutrition programs that also provide health and hygiene education to children under five years of age and women of reproductive age.

“We are a small grassroots organization making a terrific difference. We invite you to learn more about us.”
Sandy Haggart, Founder

Sandy Haggart’s Guatemalan granddaughter, Sarita from age 3 to 14
photo by Nicole Thomas

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Recipient of the 2014 Glenview Rotary Paul Harris Award

Recipient of the 2014 The Volunteer Center of NE Metro Chicago Honoree

Gustavo Aldolfo Lopez, Consul General of Guatemala in Chicago, acknowledges, encourages and supports the mission of Feed the Dream.