• 31 Total villages graduated to self-sustainability with partner ALDEA
    • 4 in the graduation process
    • 6 new villages added: Chiquez, Choantonio, Xesajbin, Cojulya, Pachaj and Xcecubal
    • 300 Babies nourished for surgery with partner T.E.S.S. Unlimited
    • 23 Preschools with party Let’s Be Ready



January 2016,

Dear Loyal Feed the Dream Supporters,

As we enter the New Year, I would like to thank you and update you on what Feed the Dream, our Guatemalan indigenous, and YOU, our generous supporters, have achieved since our beginning 12 years ago.

Twenty-three villages have graduated to self-sustainability! Women in their child-bearing years have been educated on attainable nutrition and hygiene, as well as the importance of vented and enclosed stoves, water purification filters and goats. Children have grown healthier, as demonstrated by their growth charts and records. The indigenous and Feed the Dream have worked together to make our Mission mutually beneficial. The experience of villages becoming nutritionally sound, while developing a high sense of self-esteem, is gratifying beyond belief. YOU have helped us provide the indigenous with both physical and emotional nutrition, which carries on from one generation to the next.

After very thoughtful and thorough discussions at a strategic planning session for FTD in January, the Board of Directors decided not to pursue active fundraising at this time (for example, no summer golf outing/luncheon). There is a healthy reserve of money from donations, which will be used to support current programs in Guatemala for the next several years.

On a personal level, as Founder and Executive Director, I will continue to oversee the continuing operations of FTD with Board support, as they take on more of my responsibilities during this next five year period. This will allow me to regain some balance in my life after these past 12 years. My love and passion for the indigenous and FTD remain strong.

We appreciate your enthusiastic and most generous support, which has put FTD in the enviable and grateful position of having a generous monetary reserve. We plan to continue our Mission and use our reserve funds to help our villages, and we will maintain our excellent and prudent supervision and accountability with our local on-site Guatemalan partners.

Years ago I followed my heart and took a leap of faith in creating Feed the Dream. I never envisioned such a tremendous outpouring of heartfelt care and support. YOU have made so many possibilities become realities. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sandy Haggart and the Feed the Dream Board


Our mission is to work in partnership with the indigenous in rural Guatemala to establish and oversee nutrition programs that also provide health and hygiene education to children under five years of age and women of reproductive age.

“We are a small grassroots organization making a terrific difference. We invite you to learn more about us.”
Sandy Haggart, Founder

Sandy Haggart’s Guatemalan granddaughter, Sarita from age 3 to 14
photo by Nicole Thomas

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Gustavo Aldolfo Lopez, Consul General of Guatemala in Chicago, acknowledges, encourages and supports the mission of Feed the Dream.