• 8 villages have graduated to self-sustainability!
  • Reaching out to 1500+ daily
  • Inauguration of Tzanjomel
  • Establishing and overseeing our program in 11 villages and 23 preschool nutritional programs
  • NPR, Worldview interview

Our mission is to work in partnership with the indigenous in rural Guatemala to establish and oversee nutrition programs that also provide health and hygiene education to children under five years of age and women of reproductive age.

“We are a small organization making a tremendous difference. We invite you to learn more about us and join us in supporting this worthwhile cause.”
Sandy Haggart, Founder

left: Sandy Haggart with granddaughter, Sarita
photo by Nicole Thomas

Recipient of the 2010 Northwestern University Alumnae Award. View Article


Recipient of the 2008  Bishop’s School Humanitarian Award – La Jolla, CA

Recipient of the 2007 Traditional Home Classic Woman Award. View Article

Gustavo Aldolfo Lopez, Consul General of Guatemala in Chicago, acknowledges, encourages and supports the mission of Feed the Dream.